Upcoming projects are listed below. Details can be found in the linked Project Statement. Information regarding Project Panels and how to become a panel member can be found here. The RFPs are expected to be available in February 2018.

PARAS 0018 - Develop Airport Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Training Syllabus

Ongoing projects are listed below.  Details can be found in the linked Project Summaries.

PARAS 0009 - Guidance for Security Management Systems (SeMS)

PARAS 0011 - Guidance for Airport Security Master Planning

PARAS 0012 - Guidance for Integrating UAS into Airport Security

PARAS 0013 - Managing Congestion in Public Areas to Mitigate Security Vulnerabilities

PARAS 0014 - Blast Mitigation Strategies for Non-Secure Areas at Airports

PARAS 0015 - Guidance for Airport Perimeter Security