Ongoing projects are listed below.  Details can be found in the linked Project Summaries.

PARAS 0011 - Guidance for Airport Security Master Planning

PARAS 0012 - Guidance for Integrating UAS into Airport Security

PARAS 0013 - Managing Congestion in Public Areas to Mitigate Security Vulnerabilities

PARAS 0014 - Blast Mitigation Strategies for Non-Secure Areas at Airports

PARAS 0015 - Guidance for Airport Perimeter Security

PARAS 0017 - Access Control Card Technology Guidance

PARAS 0018 - Airport Security Training for Law Enforcement and Security Personnel

PARAS 0020 - Strategies for Effective Airport Identification Media Accountability and Control

PARAS 0021 - Utilization of Autonomous Vehicles for Security at Airports